I'm visiting Cleveland in near future. Actually it’s my first time heading America. Are there any etiquette I have to take care? Or are there any dialects suggested that make me sound more local? Thank you!

The best advice I can give is just say everything American is great, and do NOT say things are better anywhere else.

Hi. I searched for videos but couldn't find anything except for this comment explaining what the Cleveland accent might sound like:

"Gotta go get da kee-yat outta da ay-ell-ee...or my dee-add-ee ain't gonna gimme enny kee-an-dee. See ya in twunny minnits. Hey, jeet jet? No...jew? "


I'very got to go get the cat out of the alley or my daddy isn't going to give me any candy. See you in twenty minutes. Hey, did you eat yet? No, did you?"

Also, city names in Ohio are not pronounced like you'd think. MOSCOW = Mash-koh. Etc. (There's a website if you search.)

Apparently SO many immigrants went to the area to help build the Erie canal in the mid-1800s that the language sounds ended up changing, mostly with the vowels:

Cat = c-yeah-t

Apple = ee-yeah-pl.

Or something like that.

Have a safe trip!