1) What do the pins in this expression: Knock all your pins out refer to?
2) Does Tie People In Knots mean it'll make people cringe or grossed out?
3) The blur has misguided meteor freaks nipping at his heels. I do know what this means, to follow closely, but I can't seem to associate say a puppy biting people's heels with following closely. Anybody have a different take on this?
4) When you say Move it or Lose it! What will you lose if you don't? It probably doesn't mean anything, but i thought i'd throw it out there coz it got me wondering about it.
1-- Sound like a mixed metaphor, a cross between 'I'll punch out your lights' and 'I'll knock you off your pins'. The first means 'I'll punch you in the eyes' and the second means 'I'll knock you down' ('pins' = legs)

2-- Stress, stymie or confuse people in some way.

3-- No. 'Follow closely'... but with the added idea of pestering, perhaps.

4-- Nothing unless context suggests something apt.
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Thank you for the quick reply. Your answers clear up a lot of things.
Tie in knots: implies a confused state where a person isn't sure what to do and acts confusedly.

Nipping at one's heels: I believe this a a reference to herding dogs who use this as a means of spurring members of the flock. Hence, having someone nip at your heels is annoying and causes behavior change, not the real intent of the sentence above, I think.

Lose it: implies your life or some vital organ (genitalia in men, I suppose).
Hi Jeff, thanks for the additional insight! I appreciate it!
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