Greetings! I'm a non-native English speaker and was wondering if any native speakers would be willing to comment on my American pronunciation. Below are a couple of links to my readings of news stories from 1) USA Today and 2) Yahoo News.

I tried to sound natural while reading the texts without over-enunciation; my speech naturally tends to be fast. Which sounds should I focus on improving to sound more like a native American speaker? Thanks for your help.


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Pretty good; you do have a slight other accent but I can't quite place it. Almost Scandinavian?

Anyway, I listened to the reading about search engines/AOL and the only things that really stood out were that it sounded as if you were saying AUL instead of AOL and the s sounds were not quite right - sometimes the s needs to be sounded as a z instead of s, and they were all a bit 'hissy'.
it is my first time to comment on the subject.i think it is a good to learn english pronuciation
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Thanks for your comments, Nona! Very helpful. My accent is Slavic. If you and others would like to comment on individual sounds of concern to me (e.g. rhotic r, full and reduce i and u), the link is here,

Thanks again!
Why is it that I always have trouble opening links like the ones you, Chatterer, are referring to. I wish we could store voice clips on this website; that would make things a lot easier for learners and others alike. I might even consider submitting a sample of my own speech for consideration.
Hi there.

Overall, you're headed in the right direction with your reproduction of American pronounciation. However, it's still quite obvious that you're a Slavic (Russian?) speaker due to the way you articulate most of your vowels. I would put most of your energy in trying to emulate American vowels a closely as possible. For example, your pronounciation of the "oo" in Google is too far back in the throat. Americans pronounce that sound quite far forward (and high) in the mouth. Another thing that stuck out to me was your articulation the initial /t/ sound in "internet" -- that phoneme is always assimilated into the preceding /n/ in quick (non-careful) speech. But overall, I think focusing on your vowel articulation will help steer your pronounciation away from the sounds of your Slavic mother-tongue.

Good luck!

- Kevin
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Its very good. I think that your R's should sound a bit harsher. As a British actor, i have found that American children's programmes help amazingly. Emotion: big smile