First, excuse me for posting an irrelevant question to the topic. I have benefited a lot from this forum , and I have always appreciated its friendly atomosphere. I am writing to ask for a consultation.

Because there are several American members in this forum. I would be grateful if they would help me in a general question about two American towns. (Rapid city, South Dakota), (Laramie, Wyoming)

I have an opportunity to live in one of the above towns for four years during my Ph.D. study. I have checked wikipedia to get information about these two cities, but the information provided are general and no decision can be made based on thoes information.

That would be kind of you to express your opinion about these two cities. Which of the following cities would you personally prefer to live considering weather, scenery, people and similar criteria.

Once again, accept my apology for posting such a question here. I don't have any friends nor relative in the states, so your opinions mean a lot to me.

Your time is highly appreciated.

Best regards.
I'm moving your post to another section of the forums.

I've never heard of Rapid City, SD. My impressions of SD are cold, cold, COLD winters.

I've heard of Larmie and although I was only in Wyoming once, and I was a child, it was absolutely beautiful. (It's quite possible South Dakota is beautiful too.) You'll have cold, snowy winters there, too, I think, but you'll be in the mountains.

People will be nice in both places.

My own preference would be Wyoming, but there may be others from South Dakota who come along and tell me my opnions are based on nothing and I would love South Dakota too, if I gave it a chance.
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Thank you very much Grammar Geek for telling your opinion and experience.

Having checked their climate, Laramie is a bit colder than Rapid city through the year.

Wikipedia indicates that Laramie poses half a population of Rapid city.

Mount Roushmore is located in the vicinity of Rapid city. This tourist attraction is considered an advantage or a disadvantage for a city?

The academic conditions are the same, so I just have to choose a city based on the living conditions.

I hope you don't find my curiosity intrusive , can I ask which state are you from?

Thanks for your help
I was born in Calinfornia, I grew up in New York, I lived many years in Maine, and now I live in Pennsylvania.

I have a fondness for mountains, which is why I would favor Laramie.

Have you looked online for photos? That might help you.

I assume the two acaedmic programs are equally acceptable to you.
Thank you very much Grammar Geek.

Since you have been to different parts of states, I am sure you have a lot of information about different cities.

I am going to move to the states in two months and I have to stay there for four years while doing my Ph.D. So your opinion and information is of a great value to me and I will definitely use your experience. I might bother you with more questions of mine about living in the states.

Thank you very much
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