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Americanism for me started at birth. Ask yourself why he would say that? It’s simple for me; I was born to two parents that were serving in the . Army at the time I was born. Both parents served, my father retired and was awarded Soldiers medal and Purple Heart while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. My parents instilled in me, at early age, what it means to be an American by setting examples that would become my foundation for life. Being an American is a way of life and a state of mind. equals freedom. The factor that some countries are not allowed and my peers will never know. As the 3rd generation of a military family, it has enlightened me on the true being of Americanism. Pride and honor are displayed all my eighteen years through their commitment to honor the flag, the fallen, and the conflicts that we faced as a nation. I was taught that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the goals and foundation for Americanism. It is not a right but a privilege, and my family has fought the good fight to give me a better life. Webster defines as “a custom, trait or tradition peculiar to the ”. There are many people through out history who have exhibited what we call Americanism. George Washington, Martin Luther King and all the troops to include my father, who are willing to fight, and sacrifice for the American dream. Americanism are the traits which are fought for by soldiers daily. Martin and Washington believed we need to be a free nation. So when my family served our country too stood side by side with these men and fought the good fights. Fight for what you believe to be true that holds to the constitution. “Stand for something or fall for everything” is a quote that can represent Americanism, our forefathers have fought hard for my generation not to take it for granted. Americanism equals freedom and I am proud to say “I am American, I am the future that will make all who served proud”

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