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New England is famous for its sea food. You should try the steamed clams, or maybe the fried clams. If you want lobster, that's where you should have it too.

Fran, you must go to a Starbucks, I guess. I find their coffee too strong, but you may enjoy it!

At Niagra Falls, stay on the Canadian side. There's very little worth doing on the American side, and it's much cleaner on the Canadian side.

In New York, there is a restaurant called Serendipity. They have a fabulous dessert called frozen hot chocolate. Yum!
Old Man GordonWhen you're in Boston, you should try the Clam Chowder and the Fish Chowder (Pronounced Chowdah).
You ought to try the clam chowder in both places. New England clam chowder is very different from Manhattan clam chowder.
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Thanks GG for the advice on coffee Emotion: smile and this 'frozen hot chocolate' sounds really interesting Emotion: surprise maybe we can go there together!!! And I think I will follow also the Yankee's advice..it seems that I'm going to eat a lot Emotion: tongue tied

Kooyeen if you like I can try to put you inside my big suitcase, what do you think? Emotion: wink
Hi again Clive,

I'm sorry for my late reply, but yesterday I worked so long ...

Thank you again for your advice! I'm going to stay in Buffalo for one night and after the visit at the Niagara Falls I'll make a round and I'll search these park land!

"I don't see the hour!" (... I have made a letteral translation ... )

Bye Gaia Emotion: big smile
Hi Old Man Gordon!

Thank you for your advice! Yankee wrote about the clam chowder too!

I have found the translation of "clam", but what do you mean with "chowder"?

I'll go to Cape Cod one afternoon and so I'll try the lobster too!

All the advice are about the second dishes, has someone an idea about the first dishes?

Thank's!!!!!!! You Guys ARE GREAT !!!!!!!Emotion: smile
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