I'll make a trip in the North-East and I'd like to receive some advice to make the good choice of food!

I don't know the names of the principal dishes ...

Could someone help me?
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Hamburgers. Emotion: big smile

(Perhaps an American will post to give you better and more serious advuice.)

Best wishes, Clive
I'll go to Montreàl, Toronto and the Niagara Falls too.

What can I try? Emotion: wink
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Hi everyone,
there are too many regional variations, I believe. Southern cuisine is different from Californian cuisine, from New England cuisine, etc. There are also several different kinds of pizza. I always wanted to open a thread about American cuisine, but then I thought "It would be a very general thread, I don't even know what to ask..."

One thing I found out is that Americans (and most people in the world except Italians) don't use much olive oil. That was shocking, I mean, I thought "What on earth do they put in their salad?" - It must be because we really put olive oil everywhere, so I can't imagine a life without olive oil!Emotion: indifferent

And I don't know how much pasta they eat... I think not much. I still remember a Canadian in a chat room who said he was happy because he was going to eat pasta on the Thanksgiving day, and he really liked pasta. I thought, "pasta on the Thanksgiving day? Me too, but that's because I always eat pasta, let's say more than 90% of the time. If it's not pasta that I eat then it is definitely rice. And that makes 100% of my lunches. LOL!" Emotion: stick out tongue

Gaia, when are you going to the US? I hope you'll post something about your experience then, when you come back. I'm curious... eat as much as you can, taste everything and everywhere, then tell me if you missed Italian cuisine Emotion: wink (you're Italian, aren't you?)
Hello Gaia! Emotion: smile

If you'll leave for the States after 25th May I could give you some advice on food, since I'm going to New York and Boston from 17th to 24th May...anyway someone advised me to taste the 'Onion rings', it seems that people go crazy for them!

keep us updated on your trip Emotion: wink

I''ll go to Montreàl, Toronto and the Niagara Falls too.

I'm going to go to Montreàl, Toronto and Niagara Falls too.

What can I try

Montreal is famous for smoked meat, and Quebec for poutine, which is french fries with curdled cheese and gravy (sounds awful, but I like it, bad for your arteries). Toronto has a wide range of restaurants with international food choices, and Niagara Falls has . . . Niagara Falls.

Best wishes, Clive
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Hello Francesca,

unfortunately, I'm going to go to New York, Boston ... from 25th May to 12th June ...

Do you have just a programm for your trip?
Hi Clive, how are you?

Which kind of meat are the "smoked meat"? They're grilled?

I'll try the poutine! If you don't try something fat but good when you're in vacancy ... it's not a vacancy.

Your last comment about the Niagara Falls was a bit odd ... I don't understand if it is sarcastic or not. I have read a lot about the Niagara Falls and I'm going to visit the canadian part for sure. Do you think that I'll have a disappointment? I love natural beauties, but I don't like very much the tourist ...

P.S. I can't use "I'll go" because I knowthat I'm going to go in Canada? I thank you a lot for the advice! Emotion: cake
Hi Kooyeen,

I'm going to go from 25th May to 12th June.

I'll taste everything and then I'll post all my experiences!

I prefer to taste local plates instead that international plates. The last four days I'm going to stay in New York and I'll certainly try the "bagels".

I hope that some american (and canadian) will post this forum to give me more advice!

P.S. Yes, I'm italian and I don't speak/write english very well, but I have to make transaltion for my friends! Emotion: crying
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