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So what's your understanding of "fútbol americano"?

Interesting observation, Evan. Short answer: 'fútbol americano' is the name for the sport that you folks call "football" in ... game 'fútbol norteamericano' or 'fútbol estadounidense'. :-) This is an extra example that semantics and logics are nor close friends.

That's what I thought. Out of curiosity, if you were talking about soccer (the game called "football" everyplace that "football" doesn't refer to a different game) and comparing the way it was played in Europe witht the way it was played in Brazil and Argentina, would the latter also be "fútbol americano"?
It's somewhat interesting that with much of the world claiming that there's only one continent here, when it comes to the World Cup, it's split along exactly the lines taught in the US. We are members of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

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Heck, "North America" is sometimes defined to include Central America ... the isthmus of Panama, not the eastern border of Mexico.

That's complicated a little by the fact that Panama used to be part of Colombia, which is undeniably in South America.

That is only complicated if you assume that a country can't span a continental border. It is widely accepted that the arbitrarily chosen border between Europe and Asia runs through Turkey. Thus the two major cities in Turkey, Ankara and Istanbul, are in two different continents. Russia and Egypt also span arbitrary borders between continents.
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We are members of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

A look at confirms the expansion of the acronym. So, to expand it further, that would be North Association Football, Central American Association Football, and Caribbean Association Football? Yeesh.

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