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It feels a lot closer than that this week.

Funny you should say that, because the moon actually *is* closer than usual this week. Particularly noticeable in the UK last night.

Is it really closer? It was looking much bigger last night, apparently, and this must have panicked a lot of people! The BBC said this morning that it was an optical illusion caused by the moon being particularly low in the sky. Here's an article:
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It feels a lot closer than that this week.

Marvellous, isn't it!

Anything but. If these islands had the niceties America and much of the rest of the world offers, my bedroom, if not the entire house, would be comfortably cool during these sweltering summer months. I find it quite unbelievable I can't find a single air-conditioning unit in this or any other Irish town. If I still owned a car, I'd go and sit in it, for at least the country is advanced enough to air condition a few of them.
Thankfully, we're blessed with 9 months of cool weather with pleasant rain to wash our bodies, with the remaining months generally having only a few unpleasant days, as the last several have been.
Robert Bannister filted:

We get that a lot in Australia, especially on commercial ... The word "hot" doesn't occur until it's at least 40°.

Keep going...104 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) is known as "warm"..."hot" comes in at 110.... (It was 115 here Sunday)....r

I changed planes there on Tuesday (I'm currently at a workshop at the Santa Fe Institute) and was grateful that there was only a single blast of local warmth as we got onto the jetway. I think they said it was 109. I'll get another brief exposure this evening.

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