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Not sure how this fits in, if at all, but there's been a substantial reduction in newspaper competition over the ... joint enterprise formed by the two competing companies. Bizarre, but it all has to do with newspapers being decreasingly profitable.

The Detroit News (a Gannett newspaper) and The Detroit Free Press (Knight Ridder) are competing newspapers. They are not owned by one company, but have a Joint Operating Agreement. The papers are "combined editions" on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
There's an interesting (if old) article about JOAs here: http://archives.cjr.org/year/91/6/joa.asp
And, about the Detroit JOA aftereffects:
Maria Conlon, resident of southeast Michigan, near Detroit.
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I'd say there's way less than a dozen "very strong" ... strictly for people who don't know how to read (NTTAWWTE).


"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That Eggplant"..r
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So can I, because I signed up for a cable ... though. They stick to the five or six open-broadcast channels.

Wrong. Most homes in Britain can receive Sky News. Penetration of Sky, either by satellite or cable, is over 80%.

Wow. When did that happen? I visited three not-dirt-poor households in London five years ago and only one of them had it. (But , now I come to think about it, the two that didn't were in Hampstead, which may explain a lot.) I stand corrected.

Ross Howard
Evan Kirshenbaum filted:
And don't forget magazines. We currently have subscriptions to, let's see, Time , Newsweek , Reason , ... Sports Illustrated , Sports Illustrated for Kids , Games , and probably a few others I'm forgetting.

I smell another AUE survey!...
Here's my current list, in order of expiration date of the subscription (I keep this list on my PDA so I don't accidentally renew one just because someone sends me a notice three years before my existing term is set to run out; I once ended up with a thirteen-year subscription because I'd done that with two titles that then merged into one):
Consumer Reports
Fantasy & Science Fiction
Comic Relief
PC Magazine
Sound & Vision
Writer's Digest
Car & Driver
In addition to the above, my mother sets me up each winter with another year's gift subscription to Reader's Digest ...I once thought I had a shot at getting a "Life in These United States" anecdote published there, but nothing came of it..r
I would have said the list tended to show the ... the proportions of those are similar both sides the pond).

More to the point, you should really be counting households, not population.

Too much trouble to research, but I doubt the ratio of population to households varies much between our great nations. Around two to one? Feel free to pick up the torch and canter with it.

John Dean
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Actually, the "Tribune Company" owns the Los Angeles Times ... or http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/media/jan-june00/tribune 3-21.html , where it says, among other things

Times Mirror company's company's marquis property is the Los Angeles Times

Wait, that should be "marquee property", shouldn't it?

If it's in lower case, the marquis property is in new york. wotthehell. cheerio my deario. toujours gai.

John Dean
I smell another AUE survey!...

Me me mee:
The New Yorker
Atlantic Monthly
Brain, Child
The Week
various computer magazines for my husband
plus free subscriptions to:
Organic Style
Psychology Today
National Geographic
assorted parenting mags that go straight to the recycling bin

I am in agreement with Chuck on this one.

But there's no denying the fact that I misspoke when I said the Los Angeles Times now belongs ... ass" referred to the ass of a flying rat or to the flying ass of a rat. Which was it?

C'est le pigeon, Joseph.
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There are LOTS of news channels over here - e.g. ... could see CNN, which is carried by the local cable.

So can I, because I signed up for a cable service. Most Spaniards and Brits don't, though. They stick to the five or six open-broadcast channels.

For Germany, figures from 2003:
Cable 56%
Satellite 40%
Terrestrial 4%
Germany is in the process of switching terrestrial TV to digital (DVB-T), because it will disturb hardly anyone any more when the analog broadcasting stops. In Berlin, that has been done almost 2 years ago, now there are to 30 channels of terrestrial TV.
Germany shares one reason with the US for not figuring prominently in the statistics: most newspapers are regional.

People are more likely to change their religion
than change their writing system.
Charles Hockett, 1952
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