Good morning,

I'd like to ask you please what question tag is correct, please, if I state :

I'm a truefriend of yours, amn't I ?


I'm a true friend of yours, aren't I ?

Thank you indeed for your kind reply & best regards,

Elena Succo
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AnonymousAlso in writing?
It must be a regional thing. It's not used everywhere.
I'm Scottish and it is commonly used there. Also, not only in inverted form. I would say "I amn't interested" quite happily and regularly. I might sometimes use "I'm not". I never use "aren't I?".
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James Joyce used the word amn't in his classic book, Ulysses. It is used in Ireland and Scotland not the USA.
Hai I'm vaisak ,is that right I'm the same doubt about these two but I can't get any satisfied solution .Some of the persons said amn't some said aren't.

it's common in Ireland and sometimes in the UK

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correct: I am new here, aren’t I? (spoken and informal written language)

correct: I am new here, am I not? (only in a fairly formal context)wrong: I am new here, amn’t I? (acceptable only in some dialects) And you can also check this useful link: https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/eb/qa/aren-t-i-or-am-i-not