Good morning,

I'd like to ask you please what question tag is correct, please, if I state :

I'm a truefriend of yours, amn't I ?


I'm a true friend of yours, aren't I ?

Thank you indeed for your kind reply & best regards,

Elena Succo
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"aren't I" is correct. Another common variation is "ain't I" but some consider it incorrect.

Hope it helps.

Formally, it should be "am I not", but "aren't I" can also used, even though it is, strictly speaking, ungrammatical.
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I think both are possible depending on the region. But the latter is more common.
The right answer is "aren't I" , because am+not= aren't . There's not a word like amn't.
As it has been mentioned already, "aren't" is the correct choice.
My tongue gets tangled when I try to pronounce "amn't".
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Frankly speaking - I've never heard about "amn't" before. Did you think it up? Emotion: smile
Aren't is the standard version, but amn't I is very common in Irish English and can therefore be said to be correct in spoken language atleast regionally. So no, amn't I isn't made up, it is just very uncommon outside of Ireland.

Not uncommon in my house! Emotion: smile

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