Which one is the correct one - among other or among others?


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Inomics, those two word-combinations are possible, in the right context. Put them in a couple of sentences, then ask.
Here are some examples:

... which was among others caused by the fact that ...

... shortages had to among others be supported by ...

... this view is among others presented by the ...

... our estimates might, among other, be caused by ...

These are some few examples, where I have used among other and among others randomly. A related question is if we do actually need to separate it by commas?

Thanks for any help,

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Hello Inomics

"Among other" is correct where "other" is an adjective and qualifies a noun, e.g.

1. Among other things, we have to consider the possibility that Alexander's idea of kingship was entirely derived from Aristotle's teaching.

"Among others" is correct where "other" is a noun or pronoun, e.g.

2. This view, among others, is held by the Scottish classicist Dr Q. X. McPedantic.

("Others" here stands for "other views", and is therefore plural.)

Do you want to look again at your examples and try to put them into full sentences, with the correct use of "other/others"? If so, I'm sure someone here will check them for you.

davkett & MrPedantic:

thank you for the suggestions. MrPedantic's examples are particularly useful and I will try to keep them in mind, when I will use the two expressions.

thanks again,

Just to make sure I got it right. Is the following sentence correct?

'Deviations among previous studies and our calculations might, among others, be caused by lower migration costs.'

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I'm afraid not. This sentence is hard for me to understand beyond the other/others situation.

Deviations among previous studies means that within those studies there were deviations. I think you're trying to contrast your calculations with those of prior studies, and so with the comparison between only those two (yours and the prior ones), you should use between.

So now we have Deviations between previous studies and our calculations ...

The placement of "among others" is puzzling. Are you trying to say that there your calculations are one set of calculations and there are many other calculations? Then the our calculations, among others, might be phrasing could work. That would say that there are previous studies that do not match up with your calculations and the calculations of others.

Are you trying to say that there are other causes for the deviation bedies migration costs? Then might be caused by lower migration costs, among other factors.

Also, I'm not sure what the lower migration costs affects. Perhaps if I had the whole paragraph that would make more sense. Are the migration costs one of the components in the calculations?

However, my best guess at what your sentence is supposed to mean is: Deviations between previous studies and our calculations might be caused by lower migration costs, among other factors.
First, I would like to thank Grammar Geek for his extended explanations!

Second, I did not know that there is a difference between between and among. I used to use them as synonyms. Thanks again.

Third, I am trying to point out that there are lots of factors, which might potentially lead to deviations in the results (between the results) of my studies and other studies.

Finally, the Grammar Geek's best guess is the perfect guess: Deviations between previous studies and our calculations might be caused by lower migration costs, among other factors.



BTW: Is it confusing or is it misleading?
among others
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