Hello everyone,

An article says (excerpted from a Reuter news) "Mr Haradinaj was considered among the most ruthless of Albanian guerrillas." Can this be rephrased to "Mr Haradinaj was considered the most ruthless man among the Albanian guerrillas"? I assume the latter would mean what the original expression says but need assurance from somebody.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello, Souroin,

No, the two are not exactly the same. In your rephrasing you have made Mr. Haradinaj even more ruthless than in the original!

"among the most ruthless" means "within the group of those who are the most ruthless, but not necessarily the most ruthless" or "one of those in the 'most ruthless' category, but not necessarily the most ruthless", whereas your paraphrase says he was (unequivocally) "the most ruthless".

I didn't know "... considered among the most ruthless" could exist?
I would have said either "... considered as one among the most ruthless ...", or "... as one of the most ruthless ...", or still else: ... considered to be among the most ..."
I realize this is not a question, but nevertheless, could someone answer?
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Hello Pieanne

He was considered [to be] among the most ruthless
---> He was considered among the most ruthless.

Generally speaking, now people think
'be considered as X' is more natural than 'be considered (to be) X'.
But 'be considered as among X' sounds awkward (at least to me)

Thanks, Paco.
But I had written 'be considered as ONE among ...', maybe that's less awkward?

Sorry, Pieanne. I mistook your message. "Be considered as one amomg Xs" is good, though it sounds a bit wordy to me.

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Hello Jim, Pieanne, and Paco

First Jim, il mio maestro molto rispetto, thank you for very quick reply and very easy-to-understand message as I always admire. This kind of subtle elements always confuses me so your straightfoward answers always help me. I didn't even realise the different tone between the original and my incorrect rephrasing, even though the man sounded like he was, considering how he climbed up to become one of the top duties in that country from a nightclub bouncer... it's not fair of me to say this though...

And... Pieanne and Paco, thank you for nourishing me with some new grammatical knowledge. I would appreciate your active and very helpful supports and replies when you find me troubled with the grammar, etc.

Grazie e ciao a tutti!
Thank you for your kind message...
Emotion: smile