Agent Carter: Our work is classified for reasons
of national security, Mr. Luthor.

Lex: And you've obviously made an effort
to see it remains secure. However, the term classified ...
...has never prevented me from getting what l want.

Agent Carter: That's right. You've got this
angelic blond saint watching over you.

Lex: ln the halls of power... When it comes to who's whos?
you don't amount to much, agent. You have very little power?
lt's only a matter of time
before l find out what it is you're hiding.
"The halls of power" literally means where powerful people do their work, making decisions that affect the rest of us. "Don't amount to much" can mean slightly different things according to context - the general idea is a lack of success.
We worked all day, but it didn't amount to much - we only managed to clear a small area of the beach, and we knew the next weekend it would be as heavily littered as ever.
After all that education, Jean's son sure didn't amount to much, did he? All those letters after his name, but he still works waiting tables at the cafe.
All this to say, your interpretation is correct Emotion: smile
Thanks, D!