Which is correct? T & D or T&D? (Technology and Development)

I wouldn't say either way is wrong, but it's a good idea to be consistent.

It's not really a standard abbreviation, in my experience. Without a very clear context, I wouldn't know what it meant.

Are you sure you don't mean R&D, which is the standard business-context abbreviation for Research and Development?

The question I was asking was whether there is a space before and after the ampersand or not? The department is correct. It's being printed on a business card, and my coworker thinks it should be with spaces - T & D. I think it should be WITHOUT spaces - T&D.
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I would go with what is customary, rightly or wrongly as you may think it, in your organization. Surely the people in thatt department are not expected to make their own choices about such matters?

What does the manager put on his business card?

I agree with Clive - it is up to the style preferred in the company and its management.

Because there is limited space on a business card, spaces might be purposefully removed to leave room for longer names, telephone numbers, and other information.
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What confuses you?
AnonymousWhich is correct? T & D or T&D? (Technology and Development)
T&D. No spaces. That's how I would do it.