Hi, everyone.

We Japanese call the flowers "muda-bana" that don't bear any fruit.

I consulted a dictionary, which says that it is called "an abortive flower" in Enlish.

Is there any single word meaning that in English?
The tree as a whole would be barren.
Thanks for the help but I think I gave insufficient information.

This is the case.

A plant blooms. Some flowers of it do bear fruits but others don't.

We call the latter Muda-Bana.

MUDA means 'useless' and Bana 'a flower.'
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We need Feebs the Gardener!

I just call them flowers. If it bears fruit, it's a fruit-tree flower or blossom. I don't know what you call flowers that are simply pretty and are not part of a fuit-bearing tree.
A non-fruiting flower is "sterile". [W]
[F]What a sad name for pretty flowers!
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Sorry to be late to thank you all.

It seems to me that sterile sounds sad indeed but closer to the meaning of 'muda.'

Everybody isn't always happy!