Dear teachers,

Please read the following ad because I have some questions about it.

World Fares Travel
Great Business Rates to Europe

  • Minimum two-day stay required.
  • All fares require a two-week advance purchase.
  • Non-refundable, no changes.
  • Call for other cities

  • (No Saturday overnight stay required). Offer good only on flights before May 31)


    1. What does "wolrd fares" mean here? Why are these two world combined?
    2. "No Saturday overnight stay required"-- why?

    3. Thanks for your time.

1-- It's the name of the agency, is it not? It means tickets for all over the world.

2-- No idea; perhaps many competitors offer cheap tickets if the customer is willing to accept poor connections.
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Excuse me Mister Micawber,

What do poor connections mean by?


A connection is when you must change planes in the course of a journey, e.g, if I fly from Tokyo to Chiang Mai, I must change planes in Bangkok. A poor connection is when you must wait in an airport for an inordinately long period-- or have to run to catch the next plane!
Ok! that connection.....I got it and thank you very much.

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