Hello all.

I have been told about a riddle which I have found very funny. So here it is.

There's a steep wall 100 meters in height, which has two hooks in it: one at the top, and one at a height of 50 meters (half way down to the ground). An alpinitst, standing on top of the wall, has a 75-meter rope and a knife, and he needs to get down off the wall.

How can he do it?

P.S. Those who already know the solution, please don't pubish it, for the riddle is purposed for the pleasure of solving it!

P.P.S.: It's not very difficult, but beautiful.
Well , herz what he needs to do ..
1. tie the rope to hook at the top and climb his way down
2. when he reaches hook 2 , tie the lower end of the rope to it
3. climb up again till he reaches a point 25 m from the top and cut the rope with the knife
4. he will now have exactly 50 m . he will fall as soon as he cuts the rope but since the lower end is hooked , he will survive..
Oh, no. Of course, the rope will simply tear him into two if he free-falls through 50 m.
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1. Tie the rope to the hook 1
2. Climb down till hook 2
3. Tie the rope at 50m to the hook 2.
4. Climb down till end of rope
5. Climb upwards with the free end of rope till you reach 75m height - you can understand the 75m point since you have free end of rope and you cannot extend the rope since its length is 75 m.
6. Cut the part of rope tied to hook1 and hook2 at 25m.
7. He falls down to 25m point from ground with two ropes of 25m tied to hook2.
8. Climb up till hook2 and cut one of the rope from hook2 and carry it.
9. Climb down using other rope to reach 25m from ground.
10. Tie the 25m rope to the free end of rope tied to hook2 and reach the ground.
Another lethal (and overcomplicated) trick.

Falling down from 75 m to 25 m will be lethal.
Cut rope into 25 and 50 mtr pieces (can be done by folding)
Tie 25 m rope to hook1.
Fold 50m rope and tie it to free end of 25m rope by making a loop at the free end of 25m rope. It will be like an inverted 'Y'. The loop is made in free end of 25m rope in such a way that he can pull out the 50m rope by pulling one free end of 50m rope.
Climb down till hook2. After first 25m, climb down holding both the ropes of folded 50m section.
At hook 2, pull one free end of 50m rope, pull it out from loop and tie one free end to hook 2.
Climb down till he reaches ground.
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