When being in senior middle school, I liked Korean Soap Opera very much. But nowadays I seldom watch it. The reason is that the plot moves forward slowly and the contents is a little bit childish. I was born in northwestern China, and finished university there.Then I have no opportunity to touch too many Korean film. After graduation, I moved to Guang Zhou City which is more flurishing and open. Hear you can buy the pirated DVD cheaply and conviniently. Unfortunately, recently GZ government strengthened the power of hitting the illegal vendors available everywhere. To tell you the truth, lots of foreigners in GZ are happy to get the cheaper DVDs with good qualities. Back to the film I am talking. The film tells you a common story happens between the grandmater and her grandson. Mather left the son to his dumb grandmother during the vacations. I guess the metropolis-born boy never goes back to his mather's born place which is an impoverished town. The clash appeared between them. The simple grandson are not adapted to the flat life in the small twon, even disdains everything in this small village. The boy speaks the vulgar words to the grandmother. Unconsciously, he thinks he is superior to the person live in rural. However, This selfish boy is changed by his grandmother and his rustic friends.

Although the end is happy, the process of changing is painful and moving. I still can remember these details. Two things happen beteen grandson and grandmother. The first is that the grandmother sell vegetables planted by herself in order that the cute grandson can buy batteries for his computer game machine. The other is about the chiken. The grandson tell dumb grandmother he is thirsty for the fried chiken of KFC. However, it is a remote village. There even nobody know what is KFC. The old women kills the hen fed by herself and stews it in her own way. Obviously, it is not the famous fashion kind that the boy is waiting for.The third thing is between the pride metroplis-born boy and his rustic peers. He cheats the boy who always help his grandmother that there is a mad bull is chasing behind him. The boy stumbls and hurts. Nevertheless, the boy tell the truth when the mad bull really chases him.

Casts are all common people. The story is not a big one. The most important is that the film digs the deep relationship of people. I have wathed this film twice. I am still looking for the third time.
That sounds like a good film! I will look for it.
I am delighted to receive your post. I am longing for your further discussion.
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Hi Kdkd,

Could I have your e-mail or MSN address, then we can talk further.
I have watched that movie. It is very nice and sad movie for me. The grandmother is really grateful and kind . The kid is really stupid and selfish. Thanks for sharing this movie here.
I saw it on the plane going to Asia.No one mentions the old woman is hunchback.Anyway it impress me and here I am looking for it.
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