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why?!?!?!?!? Emotion: surprise
You have to read every other line starting with the first.

This great love I said I have for you
Increases everyday, when I see you
The one thing I want to do is to
Marry. Our last conversation
Has made me anxious to see you again.
If we were married I know that I'd find
Pleasure in living with you. I've heart
I want to give you, No one is more
Able to care for me and helpful to me
I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
To answer this. Your letters are full of
True concern for me. Goodbye! Believe me
I am still yours"
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coz she read by jumping one line after she begin read the first line she read the 3rd then the 5th.....so i got it right  i'm endish from ethiopia!
Emotion: big smile good letter funny to think the father thaught the boy hated his daughterEmotion: clapEmotion: wait
That's it!!! You were sooo right!!! Emotion: clap I read it that way too, it makes so much sense!!! But how did she know to read every other line??? Is it some kind of code that they have just so they can make the father happy?? And if I was the father, I would go whoop that guys a** if he said something like that about my daughter!!!
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That is very cute! I want such a nice love letter Emotion: smile
I also know the answer! COOL! Skip every line and you will see a very romantic letter! Emotion: smile Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
took me some time too to figure it out Emotion: smile)

nice one
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Becouse only she and him knew that he means the opposite of every thing he wrote in that letter just he had to do it so the father give it to the girl i guess....
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