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Wow! it was really an amazing love letter. But how the girl knew to read the letter between the lines?
sorrry, i don't know ani idea about love letter and love story but i want's love marriage ,how????????.......
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It is because it must be read alternately. It must be read like this:

“This great love I said I have for you

Increases everyday, when I see you

The one thing I want to do is to

Marry. Our last conversation

Has made me anxious to see you again.

If we were married I know that I’d find

Pleasure in living with you. I’ve heart

I want to give you, No one is more

Able to care for me and helpful to me

I speak the truth. You will do me a favor

To answer this. Your letters are full of

True concern for me. Goodbye! Believe me

I am still yours”
boy expressed his feelings indirectly in a nice manner.......
Very bad & not interesting story so please change yrs story
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Nice One...... They are truely in Love.
Skip every 2nd line and U'll find love everywhere...
very nice love letter and a smart work 2
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WOW ! smart boy .. Emotion: wink

galing galing nman .. Emotion: clap

Lucky girl ...
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