An Amazing Love Story

Once there was a boy who loved a girl very much. The girl’s father however didn’t like the boy. The boy wanted to write a love letter to the girl but he was sure that the girl’s father would read it first. Nevertheless, he wrote this letter :

“This great love I said I have for you

Is gone and I find my dislikes for you

Increases everyday, when I see you

I don’t even like the way you look,

The one thing I want to do is to

Look another way. I never wanted to

Marry. Our last conversation

Was very dull and in no way

Has made me anxious to see you again.

You think only of yourself.

If we were married I know that I’d find

Life very difficult nor would I find

Pleasure in living with you. I’ve heart

To give, but it is not a heart

I want to give you, No one is more

Demanding or selfish than you and less

Able to care for me and helpful to me

I sincerely want you to understand that

I speak the truth. You will do me a favor

If you consider to put this to an end. Do not cry

To answer this. Your letters are full of

Things that do not interest me.

True concern for me. Goodbye! Believe me

I don’t care for you. Please don’t think

I am still yours”

The girl’s father read the letter, was very happy and gave it to his daughter. His daughter read the letter and was very happy too.


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lol... nice one...lucky girl and lucky boy for having such a smart girl Emotion: smile...I know the answer but i won't ruin it.....Emotion: stick out tongue..

keep up the good work...[y]
Hm, is it because you read every alternate line only? Because I read it like that and it makes perfect sense that way too?


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yeah sure [y]....reading between line and line would make it a wonderful love letter....Emotion: smileEmotion: left hug
So she really is 'reading between the lines'? Emotion: stick out tongue


ArulupinaustinSo she really is 'reading between the lines'? Emotion: stick out tongue



Echoed from me...Emotion: big smile

Cheers, and congrats kid!

- Joy [Y]
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Hello Everybody !!!

It's quite a nice thing and congrats.

Regards and tell it to others too.
yeah I did dude !!!

quite good one.

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