Read this out,

"I think my Dad is having an affair and I can't tell anyone. Since I found out one week ago, I've gotten drunken four times

, cut myself 9 and mostly feel empty."

What does the cut myself 9 there mean?

And shoudn't it be most FELT empty instead feel empty?

It's not an idiom- unhappy people sometimes cut their arms, slash them with a knife....

those were single acts carried out in the past- but the feeling has been constant- the person still feels empty.
yeah, I understand that it might not be an idiom.

But why cut myself 9?????

What does that even mean?
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the word times is understood- ....four times, and cut myself nine times....
He gave me ten bucks, and I gave him five back. (You don't have to repeat the unit.)

If a man ask you to walk with him a mile, walk with him twain.