Give ___ answer to this question.

1) a
2) an
3) the
4) Nothing required

Ans is 'an'

Could you please tell me with examples where we we use 'an answer' and where only 'answer' ? 
1 2
"answer" is a singular countable noun, so it always needs an article or other determiner (with the possible exception of special idiomatic patterns, though I can't think of any offhand).
GPYwith the possible exception of special idiomatic patterns

In answer to your question, I'm from California.

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CalifJimIn answer to your question,
Oh yes, thanks, that's a good example.
Could you please give some examples where we can use 'the answer'?
Thanks GPY and CJ
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Do we always have to use 'an' before answer except for that idiomatic expression?
The answer is, "I don't know the answer."
Blue Jay, Can you explain where we have to use 'an' and 'the' with answer?
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