Hi there! I am in a new user..I am a student at preperation class.I have a homework and I need your help..I need knowledge of different people who lives in different countries...Please help me.

1)What is the role of sports?(in your country)
2)Are there enough sport centres?(in your country)
3)What do you think about handicapped people who want be interested in sports?

Write me please..Thanks
Country: Scotland

1: Sports are used for education (Young children), Recreational/Health (a way of socialising and keeping fit) and for exelence (Profesional)

2: In my county (Angus, Scotland) there is plenty of Sports centre which are being upgraded as we speak to aid in the growth of sport and the need to become healthy in this country

3: Handicapped people who want to be involved in sport should be given every opertunity to do so. Ovbiously there are some whos condition means they cannot participate in certain sports but in this country every effort is made to involve people with disabilitys into sports.
Sports can also help shaping your character , personality and also show it.
Someone said " The way a person plays a game tells me about his character, and the way he looses tells me evrything"