Hi everyone
Who can help me to check this mail, (I wrote it to send to my brother) thanks everyone
Hi brother,
Firstly I have to say that I'm not sure I gave you this email address because I often tell everyone that my email is Email Removed. Humm.. Luckily, I created the same accounts at other email services.
You know, our uncle has just had an accident, an unknown thing hit him on the head so hard that he fainted. Until now he still can't remember what happened, what thing hit him. However I think that everything is ok, his head is not hurt inside and doctors said that he would be healthy soon.
I'm now studying both basic and advanced grammar which will end in the next two weeks. I also have just finished the IELTS intensive course of Haijim and will take part in a writing class at GLN center (I paid fee and delayed one month to study more effectively). For the time after that, I'm confused between studying by myself and continuing going to English center. Studying by myself will give me a better ability while English center will give me time. What do you think?, I myself prefer the second choice Emotion: big smile, I'm going to take exam in late June.
For the "Bulb banana" course, the university announced its schedule but not detail so I sure the course is being organized in this semester.
For financial problem, I think I don't have any difficulties because of you and our parents , my spirit is the same. A good piece of news is that my weight is over 50 Kg (almost 51 Kg including my clothes ). I have become increasingly stronger so you should do exercise carefully. Ok I'm listening to your opinion...
If you are writing to your brother or another close family member, use your own English, as good or as poor as it might be. Send it as it is.
Thank you, I just want to improve my writting skill, can you help me?