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The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life.

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  Nowadays life has become so fast that an extremely flexibility is needed for everyone who wants to fulfill himself. Life conditions are changing constantly so it is impossible to gain a success without being fast and react to these changes in an appropriate way. For instance if a person has two or more professions he is less dependent on any of them, that is if there are problems with his first job than the others would probably support him.
  If you have several occupations it is more likely that you introduce some kind of novelty in any of them. Being competent in many different arias makes you more creative that lead you to becoming more inventive in your work and life. Moreover, sometimes a decision to a particular problem lies in completely different field of knowledge. In this case having several occupations will increase chances to find it.
  An education is one of the largest contributions that a person can do to his future. An educated person has a priori more abilities to become a professional since a lot of high paid professions require high educational level. Gaining a good education not only increases one’s knowledge in a particular area but also develops an ability to study and efficiently process new information.
  Due to life and technological rapid changes every person aiming to succeed in life should keep his knowledge up to date. It is extremely important to observe all new happenings that occur in areas you are interested in to be able to respond to them quickly and correctly. Thus an educational process never ends and if a person wants to continue improving his professional qualities he should study all his life and be always open for new ideas.
  In the conclusion modern life style requires studying a lot and being able to acquire more than one occupation. People who want to be successful have to be very flexible and learn all the time.  
Are you supposed to agree or disagree with the statement about multiple careers?
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The question is:
to what degree do you agree or disagree with the statement above?