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In Japanese public schools, English education starts when children are about nine. However, even after receiving many years of compulsory education, there are not many Japanese who have a good command of English. In my opinion, Japanese poor English skills is attributed to several defects in how English is taught in school.

One defect is that teachers tend to pay too much focus on English grammar. I remember our teacher making us recite all the rules of how pronouns work. She was trying hard to make us understand them, but all we did was just repeat, “I, my, me, mine” without even knowing what exactly pronouns are. As a result, some of us got the wrong idea that learning English is boring and too difficult.

Another defect is that English education in Japan places little importance on Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Unfortunately, I did not have as many opportunities to speak or write in English in class as I wanted to. Of course, the importance of reading should not be underestimated, but I believe that other skills are equally necessary, especially when students want to express themselves clearly. Thus, they should be taught how to write good essays and be encouraged to speak up more in class.

True, English education in Japan has gone through many changes, but it is difficult to say that it leaves nothing to be desired. It would be better to take into consideration how native speakers of English are taught their language in school and pay more attention to Speaking, Listening, and Writing.

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