The typical teenagers are divergent regarding whether doing activities or relaxing by themselves does them good. From my perspective, doing some extra activities in the lecture time has advantages over relaxing by myself.

To begin with, the advocates of doing extra activities claimed that having spent their spare time in the open air areas, they learnt a ton of new things which they might have never learnt before, namely playing new sports, doing the charities and so on.

Additionally, the proponents of gaining pleasure from extra activities also estimated that do they spend their free time with friends, the might build a strong bond with them, which might be extremely vital to improve their career in the future. For instance, by having lunch with your colleagues, not only could you have discussions with them about new projects but you also voice your private views, which might be hard to share in the office.

However, some thought that they have an expectation for relaxing by themselves due to the pressure of their workload or school work. Indeed, they are likely to fall asleep immediately after getting back to their house. Thus, doing more activities seem to be impossible

To conclusion, whether doing extra activities or relaxing does your good stands among one of the most controversial issues that people are trying to confirm. I absolutely espouse doing more activities in the spare time due to it’s merit

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