When introducing an example, should you use "an example of" or "a sample" i.e.

"Below is an example of design for your web site"


"Below is a sample design for your web site"

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To me a "sample" is more material. You just look at an "example", but maybe you can use the "sample" on the website (it is operative) and see how it looks like "pour de vrai".
To my ear an 'example' sounds like a built out illustration of the thing you want to share or demonstrate. Also something you make up usually mentally as opposed to with your hands (same as Pieanne's comment about the sample being more 'material' I guess).

Whereas a 'sample' would be an instance you've picked within a whole array/collection of occurences/manifestations of this thing you want to share and describe. So it's more something that would already be available as opposed to something you'd build or make up yourself.

Now if it's something technical you've constructed for the purpose of a demo, then maybe you could use 'mockup' or 'prototype' ?
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Yes, that's about it, Waiti. In biology, you give a sample of blood to be tested, it's real blood. Examples of blood are more likely written.
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