When children slurp their drink or guzzle their food (or make unpleasant sound while eating/drinking), what's the most typical expression or expressions that parents use to tell them not to do so?

Please eat _____________________?

You should not ____________________?

I hope you understand what I'm shooting at!


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You could make a reference to 'sounding like a pig'.
Thanks, Philip. So, do you think that parents may say something like this to their children.

(at the dining table)

Don't sound like a pig.

Don't slurp (your drink).

Don't guzzle (your food).

Or maybe a more positive one:

Eat properly?


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Here are some things parents might say to their children at the table:

Don't slurp your drink.

Don't eat so fast!

Don't talk with your mouth full.

Elbows off the table!

and, the one that includes all the others:

Remember your table manners!
Mr. TomDon't sound like a pig.

Don't slurp (your drink).

Don't guzzle (your food).
Hi Tom

I don't associate the word "guzzle" with sound at all. I associate it with extremely quick, greedy or excessive consumption -- normally the consumption of some sort of liquid.
Thanks, Amy.

So, if a child eats his apple NOISILY, how should a parent advise him?

Don't sound like a pig.

This sentence doesn't sound like educated speech. Or just.

Don't make sounds while eating...

Is the underlined sentence OK?

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How about, "Try to eat more quietly, dear."
It wouldn't be natural to say "Don't sound like a pig."

Goodness, George! Try to eat a bit more quietly! You sound like a pig! -- That's possible. Not very nice, but possible.
Sorry, I had forgotten about this thread. AND MY APOLOGIES if I am repeating the same thing.

So, are there any words which mean:

eat noisely

drink noisely

(Teacher to student)

Don't _______________(your burger).

Don't _______________ (your tea).



PS: Khoff, I was just thinking that sometimes children talk while eating. So, are there chances that this sentence is confused?

Try to eat more quietly.
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