In this world of murky alleys,
Of colossal vice deeds
Rattling knifes into bodies
Reckoning gunshots
Skirmishing anonymous grounds
Where money or drugs seem absolute
And all we recognize
About each other
Would only be a nation
Of human beings deceased
Or disappeared into oblivion…
I want a life of honour
With trustworthy people
And explicit destinations
Enjoying mirth and love
Of all things beautiful and gay.
Is this too much
To ask for God?
I like this one. It's nice. Emotion: big smile
Thanks a lot.
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I’m an Outsider
In this Life
Of affections

I’m an Outsider
In this world
Of fighting

I’m an Outsider
And I’ll remain an Outsider!
In this World
In this Life.
Lol. I find this one funny. Why an outsider and not a stranger? Doesn't it sound more romantic to you like in Strangers in the night?
That was inspired by Kafka's "the outsider"
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The Face I see everyday
in the mirror of my heart
in the bedroom of my soul
is not what it used to be
The freckles and the laughlines
The dark circles under the eyes
A rootten thought process
A mysterious sycronisation
of eventful behaviours
Are all signs of evil
And hell in Life
With ghousts of Past
Lingering around
And haunting destiny.
'Explicit destinations' is a good phrase. I think it deserves a poem of its own.

Thanks Mr.P. I'll try to write one.
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