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I read a post in EnglishClub and see whether you guys agree with him. Below is the explanation of 'an hour'?:

The "correct" form is:
one hour and a half // an hour and a half
a mile and a half
one ounce and a quarter

However, in normal English usage, native speakers often say:
one and a half hours
one and a half miles
one and a quarter ounces


Hello Simon,

It wouldn't be the first time that I'd never heard of something that is acknowledged to be "correct," but the "normal" English that you cite seems correct enough to me.

I would frequently say "an hour and a half" and "a mile and a half." But not "One hour and a half" or "One mile and a half" or "One ounce and a quarter."

How can they say that a form that millions of native speakers prefer is incorrect?

I think most people would use the second versions. I do know some people who are not native speakers who say 'one hour' rather than 'an hour'.
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I have used an hour and a half and one and a half hoursall my life, seen both in usage guides and never seen anybody dispute either expression anywhere. (In Helsinki English we don't even know what an ounce is and never use it.Emotion: smile)

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