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I'm looking for an equivalent idiom in english.

the original idiom means "some one fears the wolf in front of him, while fears the tiger behind him" (I don't think it make sense to you)

the basic idea of the idiom is "someone fears any results of the decision he's going to make"

For example: "when one wants to decide whether he's going to change his job, and he fears that he may not be able to find another job if he quit the current job, on the other hand, he fears that a better job oppotunity will be lost if he doesn't quit.", so he's hesitant, and fears the both results from the two decisions.

Thank you in advance!
Yup, rock and a hard place is the first one I thought of too, but also "damned if you do, damned if you don't."
The phrase between Scylla and Charybdis has come to mean being in a
state where one is between two dangers and moving away from one will
cause you to be in danger from the other.

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He is on the horns of a dilemma? He's caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea? He's between a rock and a hard place?
Thanks indeed!
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