REQUEST! Please could you check up that letter and correct, improve it?

2nd June, 2006
Dear Jane,
I hope you are well. I got your letter this morning where you were complaining for absence of pastime.
As you know I recently have bought a house on the outskirts. December 7 I organize a housewarming party and I would like to invite you to come and enjoy it with me!
Do you remember the latest meeting with our pack of childhood? There was so funny! We were mention our excess and laughable situations. I want to repeat that, so I invite people we were friend with. I want to talk about they lives. I'm interesting are they a models, policemans so we were planning when we were kids! I think if there would be a good weather we can go to the garden and do barbecue, eat unhealthy food, dance, you know. If the party go off well we can stay up all night! I want to feel like a child without any problems and I think that with those people it can works.
When you will be in my town ask someone if he can tell you where you must go to be on the Black street. Then you must drive on the end of the road, then turn left into Blue Street, there would be some shops like market, chemists etc. My house is very specific, cause it has tchatched roof. It's the last house on this sreet.
If you want I can put you up for the night. That wouldn't be any problem. I hope you can make it and we 're having a great time!

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