I remember hearing about punctuation mark that existed for a short period of time which was a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark. It was simply a question mark drawn on top of an exclamation mark. I can't find any information about it but I'd like to. Can anyone help me out?
Try googling "interrobang."

Sometimes, in very informally writing casual dialogue, you'll see both used.


Tom: I won 10 million dollars yesterday.

Fred: My God, you won 10 million dollars?!

But I've never seen one on top of the other.

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For informal writing, I use either ?!? or !?!, depending on whether I'm stressing the question or the exclamation. I've never seen one superimposed on the other one, either.
Hey, where were you guys when they invented the interrobang?
What I want to know is how you knew the word for that, Khoff. [Y]
I'd never even heard of an interrobang before.
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Actually, I was just telling my daughter about it the other day -- and then here it turns up on English Forums! I really don't remember how or when I first heard of it, but I liked the concept, and the name, so I guess it stuck.