Can u tell me which is the correct way?

an sms or a sms?

thank you for the quick responses
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I would say an sms.

The basic rules are these: use a before a consonanat sound; use an before a vowel sound. Before a letter or an acronym or before numerals, choose a or an according to the way the letter or numeral is pronounced: an FDA directive, a U.W. resolution, a $5.00 bill.
---Webster's Dictionary of English Usage.
Looks like Webster's needs a spell-check.
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I don't know Micawber, I think the paragraph is actually referring to the seldom-sighted consonanat-beast; a relative of the three-legged vowowel.

I sent a SMS.

However, I sent an email.
I'm afraid I'll have to side with Anon.

SMS, I presume, is pronounced /'es 'em 'es/, rather than /'smz/-- thus it starts with a 'vowel sound'. I find it physically difficult to use 'a'.
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I believe the only correct usage is "an SMS".

A few more examples from IT documents:

I am designing an FPGA based board.

The host was expecting an LGOOD response from the link but it got a Timeout instead.

If you are still confused, you may want to refer to the following book published by the Univ of Michigan Press:

The Article Book: Practice toward Mastering a, an, and the by Tom Cole (Paperback - Mar 1, 2000)

- st
As per phopnetics, an sms is correct. Because not only before vowels, we put the articles "a" or "an" depends on Vowels sound indeed,

say ES Em Es. So, as per the pronunciation which gives Es Em Es. So, an SMS is correct.

For e.g., send me an SMS,

Raise an an RMS (like AAR Em Es) (Request Managment System famous in BPO & IT sector)

say not an ONE Rupee note or an One rupee coin. ONE - Pronounced as WON indeed. So,

A One Rupee note or coin.




thank you
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