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I don't get it, but it seems harmless.
yes its certainly harmless ... after you watch the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies or read the books if you watch the video, you will faint with laughter! i was almost doubled up with laughterEmotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
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who can help ?????

My teacher give me a list which have about 5000 word .she ask me to write an article use this 5000 words ,each word must be use at least once .and total words of the article is below 15000. It's so difficult for me .I am a chinese ,who want to help me ,please contact me ,email is Email Removed.">Email Removed. I will send you the list which include the 5000 words.
Where's the funny thing? Maybe I lost my sense of humour.
It just looks like a good music video, the scenes match perfectly.
well i forgot a detail. please watch the video after u watch the star wars and harry potter movies. if you watch it before, you wont get anything just like Latin...
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Frankly I didn't faint with laughter though I watched both.
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