1audacious is to trepidation as a)loquacious is to apathy b)irrational is to reason c)licentious is to pride d)impudent is to confidence e)timorous is to afraid

2)reckless is to caution as a)deliberate is to thought b)silly is to intent c)mean is to compasssion d)alert is to sleep e)angry is to prudence

3)unpardonable is to forgive as ..a)impregnable is to attack b)egregious is to counteract c)genial is to love d)intermittent is to eliminate e)inauspicious is to revisit

4)cheese is to eat as ...a)wound is to hurt b)climb is to tree c)clean is to napkin d)shirt is to wear e)lettuce is to leaf

5)Towel is to dry as ... a) dish is to spoon b)saw is to cut c) gem is to sparkle d)bowl is to wash e) razor is to sharp

6)invisible is to see as ... a)unattainable is to reach b)intolerable is to condemn c)intentional is to reverse d)imperfect is to improve e)innate is to recover
1. audacious is to trepidation as: a. loquacious is to reticence; b. irrational is to sanity; c. licentious is to chastity; d. impudent is to politeness; e. timorous is to bravery

2. reckless is to caution as: a. deliberate is to flightiness; b. silly is to seriousness; c. mean is to kindness; d. alert is to drowsiness; e. angry is to calmness

3. unpardonable is to forgive as: a. impregnable is to breach; b. egregious is to help; c. genial is to displease; d. intermittent is to continue; e. inauspicious is to flaunt

4. cheese is to eat as: a. wound is to inflict; b. climb is to undertake; c. clean is to do; d. shirt is to wear; e. lettuce is to eat

5. towel is to dry as: a. dish is to eat; b. saw is to cut; c. gem is to sparkle; d. bowl is to eat; e. razor is to shave

6. invisible is to see as: a. unattainable is to acquire; b. intolerable is to tolerate; c. intentional is to pardon; d. imperfect is to adore; e. innate is to excuse
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wound is to hurt

anonymous4)cheese is to eat as ...a)wound is to hurt b)climb is to tree c)clean is to napkin d)shirt is to wear e)lettuce is to leaf

What is the equivalent a, b, c, d or e ?

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