IDW Publishing and artist Ashley Wood present the return of the illustrated horror magazines! This special bi-monthly newsprint mag, hearkens back to those creepy, eerie magazine from times past, with adapted tales of woe from some of the greatest horror fiction writers from all eras. In this debut issue, hosted by the macabre, man-hating madame, Ms. Doom, Ash Wood takes on Richard Matheson's 'Blood Son,' F. Paul Wilson is joined by Ted McKeever on his own 'Cuts,' Eduardo Barretto illustrates David J. Schow's 'Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls,' and Kristian Donaldson attends to Robert Bloch's 'Final Performance.' Also included in each issue will be interviews and editorial features that profile the legacy of the writers featured within.

Current Artist Original Writer Original comic
1. Ash wood Mathson Blood Son
2. Ted McKeever F. Paul Wilson Cuts
3. Eduardo Barretto David J. Schow Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls
4. Kristian Donaldson Robert Bloch Final Performance

I'd like to know if my analyses are all right.
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