What would be the FORM, FUNCTION and PHONOLOGICAL ASPECT of these items

1. She used to have long hair.
2. I was having a bath when the phone rang.
3 I wish I had worked harder.

I would appreciate any help..
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Wow....im doing the same course and having the exact same problem here! Has anyone figured it out and got the correct answer?!

A lot more testing than i first thought!! Emotion: rolleyes

This is what I am submitting

She used to have long hair.


Used + infinitive

I used to eat meat.

We used to date.


To state a habit or state in the past that is now completed or different from the present situation


The sentence above functions to allow the speaker to inform that, before (in the past), she had long hair but not now.


The pronunciation of used to is blended into /justu/: the d of ‘used’ and the t of ‘to’ blend in together. Next the h of ‘have’ blends into ‘used to’- /justehav/. The o sound becomes a schwa sound.

I was having a bath when the phone rang.


past progressive + object + time word + simple past

I was eating lunch when the dog barked.

I was writing my homework when the computer died.


When past progressive and simple past are used in the same sentence, the past progressive verb indicates the longer (main) action. The simple past verb describes a shorter action or interrupting action that occurred in the middle of the longer action.


‘I was having’ usually shortens to ‘I’s avin’- ‘was’ is contracted and ‘having’ becomes shortened with the diagraph ‘ng’ becoming ‘n’.

I wish I had worked harder.


Wish + past simple verb

I wish I bought insurance.

I wish I studied Spanish.


When ‘wish’ is presented this way it is used to indicate a wish about the past, a desire for a past action to have occurred.


‘I wish I had’ becomes ‘I wish I’d’. The ‘had’ usually is contracted after the subject.
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so cooool i love these things alot

where can i learn more about it ? i kinda like anything that has to do with linguistics

What kind of course you talk about?
I so apologize for pointing this out a year after you posted your original message but .... YOU MISPELLED GRAMMAR!!!

(and I am not ‘flaming’...this is just constructive criticism)Emotion: embarrassed
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I am assuming you submitted your module. Were these answers correct? I submitted different forms and was just curious.

Hi I would like to say thank you for helping me understand this part of the i-to-i diploma. You are very kind and you must also be very intelligent.
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I'm sorry for reopening this thread 2 years after the post was made to which I wanted to reply on, but I'm now doing this course, and I noticed a tiny mistake in what 'anonymous' submitted. He wrote:

I wish I had worked harder.


Wish + past simple verb

had workedisn't past simple, but past perfect. Emotion: wink
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