What would be the FORM, FUNCTION and PHONOLOGICAL ASPECT of these items

1. She used to have long hair.
2. I was having a bath when the phone rang.
3 I wish I had worked harder.

I would appreciate any help..
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Hey Joel,

I think i'm doing the same course as you... and i cant do it either... have you recieved any help or answers.


Sounds a lot like homework to me, Joel.
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Can you give us the definitions of those three terms as they are used in your course? And also an idea of the sorts of answers that are expected, for example, by giving us a multiple choice question to give us the general idea?

The FORM of "She used to have long hair." is

A. ....
B. ....
C. ....

And so on. It's so vague, one wants to say, "Well, I think the first sentence is in the form of a pear, the second in the form of a cow, the third in the shape of a jelly-fish!" Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
We must all be doing the same course (i-to-i).

"she used to have long hair".

Here is what I wrote for the above:-

For the form:
used to + have + adjective + object

For the function:
She doesn't have long hair anymore.
She doesn't have long hair now.

For the Phonological aspects,:
'used' and 'to' are often connected together when speaking to form the sound 'yoo-s-to'.

I may be completely wrong about how this. I will be contacting my tutor.

It does say in the module list, that the mini task is not submited to the tutor.

All the best,

Thank goodness someone came along who knows what this is all about! Emotion: smile

I guess you'll be pointing out the "t" sound at the end of "worked" for a phonological aspect of the last sentence.
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I'm doing the same course and i'm also having problems i was wondering if you could help me,i don't know were to get imformation.THank you.
hello could you send me the answers to please for this
Hi Arabella, we must be doing the same online course - try this for help http://usuarios.lycos.es/englishweb/grammarref.htm#used

My name is Steve by the way. It is not as easy as I though!!
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