here's a good one.

is anarchy good in theory?

with the recent debates, i wonder on the path of our nation and where it will be in 20 years. in my humble opinion, capitalism is seriously going to destroy the earth, very soon going at this pace...

here's a great post to read on this subject, well over 16 pages of ideas and theory. the guy is not that stereotypical anarchist i seemed to have programmed in my brain from school and society.

the guy has great points. i like this for of non-government simply because it sems to me this is the way humans were intended to inhabit earth. not this materialistic bs with greed for money and lust for power. polluting and destroying, and in lack of better words: being a virus. poverty wouldn't be an issue, people could be happy if only we could set aside petty differences and work for a common goal: for the greater good of mankind. not this ego trip on who has more power, money, land, better beliefs on religion, etc. i'm seriously suprised God hasn't unleashed his/her wrath on us for being the way we are today... and even so, i'm still expecting it any day now.

to me, government says they're for greater good, but we're trying to explore space already when we havn't even scratched the surface of our own planet. they throw their own people in prison without remorse for the smallest of non-violent crimes not to mention invading our rights as an american, tax us out the *** for something i won't even qualify for in 40 years because it'll be broke (social security), and even the people who fight for this land we all share (it's not even a country...) get thrown in prison for having opinions (the 20 year military officer who might be thrown in prison for a long while due to writing a letter speaking his mind on why the war is a failure - link below for letter he wrote and story on it). i could go on and on...


government tries to play "mommy" telling people what they can and can not do, and once those temptations are laid out infront of them on a silver platter, people tend to take them. even goes as far as telling OTHER countries how to run their ***.

democracy = hypocracy, greed, and lust boiled down. do you really think this is the best way for people to live? having the media manipulate the masses? our lives being controlled by fear? rich get richer, poor get poorer? and most of the rich are miserable, ugly beyond contemplation (karma for their actions) and fake (plastic boobs, noses, brows, faces... we're slowly becomming cyborgs). it's almost like being a "modern day slave" to society. hardest work for crappiest pay while CEOs and large time business mooch 99% of the profits we work for. do something they don't like and you no longer have that equal opportunity to make money. i'd rather have goals relative to something other than money - such as building communities with individuality. all for one and one for all.

with anarchy though, some sacrifices to the way we've been growing up will have to be made, and i accept this. materialism for one, would be no problem to me. i don't believe i have to have high class cars, tables, houses to define me as a person. the only thing that does is define how much money i make.

i don't believe in attacking the government, i take the ghandi approach by trying to gain a person's understanding rather than fight.

"peace cannot be kept by force. it can only be achieved by understanding" - albert einstein

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i am on the same page fellow human. i am sick of our entire society. i want to do something to change it, but i do not have a clue on how to to this. our society is failing. not just democracy, but every form of government in the world. the bad thing about society is that we a evil at heart. just watch the news, travel the world, look at how we are killing ourselves and our lands. we rape the world without caring. the ones who do care, are unable to take action out of fear of failure. anarchy, besides being complete caous and destruction, is the phase before a dictatorship is set up. as far as the space thing goes: from what i take from it, the main reason they are sending things out there is to discover the origins of the universe. the want to discover how it formed to disprove religion, they want that so bad. i do not know what i can do to help mankind. i know i can change the world if only i can persuade people to help me. most people are so scared of changing their boring lives, that they let the government pay people not to plant crops while people are dying of starvation at an alaming rate. we as a people must stop these horrors and many more. if only people would take a little time and effort to change the world we could. one person cannot make a difference, but millions of people making a difference together can change a lot. -the chosen one
an anarchy can not literally exist. there is no way, by human nature, someone is bound to still form an organization that is some form of government, there has to be some sanity. The world would literally disappear into oblivion. I honestly think there would be a "world war" against all races, and all groups. an anarchy in theory can only work if humans did not have the attitude that we have. take communism, communism is perfectly god on paper, but as humans, we crave more and more things, and we cant comprehend "if someone else is working less than i why do they get the same income?" so the only forms of government that can truly exist,in theory are democracy, socialism, monarchy, and dictatorships...
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Anarchy, as communism, might seem good on paper, but, as said, it cannot exist for a long time due to natural human behaviour. Either small governments are going to appear and a lot more consequently, or a dictatorship is going to rise.

Secondly, it's not the fault of democracy and capitalism that society has driven you crazy. It's the fault of people, of natural human behaviour.

Once I talked to an anarchist, who said he did not want anarchism as an ideology, but he wished that anarchism appeared in the hearts of people. It was Einstein-quoted in the first post that "peace comes from understanding, not from force" or so. Therefore, if more and more people understood the values of anti-capitalistic anarchism (like you and I) and those people would teach their friends and their children, then anarchism would take place in the world.
Guest, it's normally the bad stuff that gets shown on the news, but that shouldn't fool you into believing that society is evil. Our world, believe it or not, is made up mostly of good people.
just watch the news, travel the world, look at how we are killing ourselves and our lands. we rape the world without caring.the ones who do care, are unable to take action out of fear of failure

I'm sorry but that is complete and utter nonsense. There are many people out there who take care of the environment, donate money to the poor, do volunteer work etc. etc.
Hello. This will be my first post on this forum.

This is very interresting about media increasing it's cover of violence. In Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore says that violence in the US has decreased over the last years while the medias coverage of it has increased with several hundred percent.

Anyway it's very interresting to follow this debate. I live myself in sweden which has been dominated by the social democrats almost completly the last 50 years. A funny thing happened when i watched a presidental debate between George W Bush and John Kerry was that Bush tried to make Kerry look like a bad guy cause he was likely to raise the taxes.
Here in sweden it's the opposite. Anyone wishing to lower the taxes are the bad guys.

Here in sweden we have, much like in Canada, a well developed social caretaking. We have high taxes but on the other hand, highet studies and most medical care ar free, amongst other things.

It seems like there are many people here from many countries. It will be interresting to see how it's like in your countries.
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Here in Lithuania we've got a typical government, made of mainly "socialdemocrats", who formally call themselves in this way. I personally think that all the parties are more or less driven by the urge to be in the parliament, not ideologically. But what role has ideology got in politics today?

Lithuania's economy is rather weak yet, but rapidly progressing. In fact, during the last year our economy has increased the most of the european countries. This is mainly because the working people are satisfied with a job of a lower salary than someone, say, from Sweden would be. That makes the economy increase, however such a way of increasing can easily cease if people are no longer satisfied with a low salary. Additionally, we expect some changes in our development with the help of EU. (The three baltic states have joined the EU not so long ago.)
The question of democracy, really lies on whether it is based on exercising the collective will of the people, or the will of political parties, highly influenced by the great economic powers, which do not give a toss about the voters. God save us from what the market dictators mean by "globalization"!

Anarchy, on the other hand, is not a utopia since these same powers seem to believe themselves entitled to act purely on their own convenience, thus posing the thesis of right wing anarchy, to which the opposing factor can only be the globalilzed individual right to be heard, and, implement his or her understanding of what we should aspire to, posing the thesis of a left wing anarchy.

After all the social argument does not depend on the philosophical debate, since both democracy and anarchy are a much too subjective terminology, which will leads nowhere, The fundamental issue is after all one of fair play, placing human issues, questionlessly above the vile inhuman profiteering that, at the present, rules and controls us all. Hope the best man will, one day, win.
An anarchist wouldn't want anarchy if he could get the provisions he needed. I once knew an anarchist who had a DOOR MAN! A DOOR MAN! That is ridiculous.
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