First off, I'd like to say hi to all the moderators here. You have been doing an amazing job helping us English learners. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and this is my first post ever!Emotion: big smile

Okay, here are some of my questions:

I've heard people, especially younger peopel say a lot " I am/was like..." or "he/she is/was like..." I've never learned this kind of expression before. What does it mean?

And some other expressions: Plain Jane, Miss Goody Two Shoes(not sure if I put this down correctly). What do they mean?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

' I am like .... ' You are trying to liken yourself to some kind of person or thing.

eg. I am like an old-timer talking so much Emotion: stick out tongue

Plain Jane means a normal lady who is just like every lady on the street.
Hi whl, thanks for the reply. But sometimes I hear people say something like: " and I am like what the heck is that?" or "she was like oh my god!" I guess this is different from the e.g. you gave?

And why don't my emoticons show up?


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any inputs please?
"I am like..." is something young people say. This way of speaking started about 25 years ago. My opinion is that young people use this expression because they lack the language skills to express themselves properly.

"I am like..." is used to replace the phrases "I said..." or "I thought..." when followed by a quote or thought. Examples:

"I was like, 'Your underwear is showing!' "


"I was like, 'That smell came from you!' "

It is also used by itself with no quote and a facial expression to describe emotion. Sadly, "I was like..." is usually used by young girls who lack the verbal capacity to express their feelings. Young men also say it, but it can sound girlish.

You should avoid this form at all costs in writing unless you are quoting someone! Even then, that person will sound unintelligent. Never use it in a formal situation when speaking. Even with your friends, it will give a poor impression (unless your friends are 13 years old and watch MTV all day).
Hi, Chameleon!

Thanks so very much for your clarification! Emotion: big smile Upon my observation, though, 20 something college graduates speak that way all the time too. Emotion: wink

Thanks a lot again,

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A sign of the times my friend... Emotion: smile