'and now it was too late' is this sentence valid?

won't the 'now' and 'was' conflict with each other?
Hello, JK!
I'd prefer: "and then it was too late"/"and now it's too late"
I don't like too much "now" and "was" either...
Let's wait til a native English speaker sees this...

'Now' can mean a past time which the speaker is referring.
(EX) Now it was too late. She had to die alone.
(EX) Now the war was practically concluded.

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But then the whole context has to be in the past.
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Yes. When 'now' is used with a verb in the past tense, it means some time before the speaker is speakng. This usage of 'now' is often used in narrating past events. When 'now' is used with a verb in the present tense, it means the time speaker is speaking.

OK, thanks, Paco!