Poem by an African 
 When I born, I Black,
 When I grow up, I Black,
 When I go in Sun, I Black,
 When I scared, I Black,
 When I sick, I Black,
 And when I die, I still black.. 
 And you White fella,
 When you born, you Pink,
 When you grow up, you White,
 When you go in Sun, you Red,
 When you cold, you Blue,
 When you scared, you Yellow,
 When you sick, you Green,
 And when you die, you Gray..
 And you calling me Colored?

ps: I certainly do not mean this from a racist perspective, just thought it was funny. Don't get me wrong, please.
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Interesting indeed... Both of them...

I have had the following poem entitled "How Come" in my recipe box for almost twenty years. I recently googled it to find the author and I see that somehow an 'African Kid" wrote a poem called "And You Call Me Colored". My poem goes as follows..."How Come".. When I was born I was black, When I grew up I was black, When I'm sick I'm black, When I go out into the sun I'm black, When I die I'll be black ... But You: When you were born you were pink, when you grow up you are white ,When you get sick you are green, When you go out in the sun you are red, When you go out in the cold you are blue, When you die you turn purple... and you call me colored?
I think I cut it our of an old Ann Landers column. I have had it for so long it is yellowed with age so you can imagine my surprise in finding it newly written by some "African Kid"?
Who is this African kid and when did he write, almost verbatim, the same poem I have had for two decades? Is this plagerism or did it take the rest of the world twenty to find the same poem I've had for so long. I am very confused and disturbed by this. I would like some info on the author and publishing date of the african kid's poem.
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EXCELLENT poem.. and so damn true.. and you calling me colored!!!
I think its a great poem and more people should write things like this its people like this poet that will make a difference in the world and i think we people of the 21st century should write more poems of this type.
consider philosophy as a career lol
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no you didnt use it as a racitive, but i did, i absolutely hate ppl who are racist and i just went off on sumone for it. it makes me very mad when ppl are racist i jus wanna puch them in the face,!(;st prospec
signed a caucasian girl,(:
The thing is though, everyone is racist. Those who admit to being racist are just a little less racist than those who wont admit to it.

We all believe in stereotypes to an extent and we all understand that cultural traits exist in all of us to an extent. Add that to religious differences and it creates opinions that we have that are largely based on colour, culture and tribal identity.

Its how you accept your inner racism and how you deal with it that counts.

Even signing your post as a caucasian girl is slightly racist, as the people of the caucus region were regarded many years ago as the most beautiful and handsome of the white people, so general white people just hijacked that term for a blanket coverage approach to whites, to indicate that we are all beautiful and superior to non 'caucasians'

Me? Im of scottish and Irish decent, married to a Kenyan girl from the Kamba tribe, living in an african world and with little in common with the white people around me.

Racist? Yeah to an extent, I find white people really hard to get along with and black people are nicer to me. Thats just how life is sometimes.
Verry true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree fully with u..
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