Is the preposition 'on' used with angry in American English? Do Americans also say "angry with somebody"?
Thanks in advance.
Angry at somebody. Yes, 'angry with' is also used.
In addition, 'Angry about' is also a valid form.
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We only use angry with somebody in Canada.
Interesting,Anon. Thanks
The usage of <Angry about> + <something> is common in AmE. For instance , you can click on http://www.cnn.com/2005/BUSINESS/11/25/commonwealth/index.html and search the word 'angry',perhaps.
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In BrE, "angry" is used:

angry with (someone)
angry about (something)
angry that (clause)

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you can say angry at (someone) also , cant you???
can i say:

- angry at somebody because of something
- angry with somebody at something (like, we are together angry because of something)?

or when i say angry with somebody that means that i'm angry at somebody?
(In other words: angry with
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