Hi all

I wanna to know angry or angry with.

e.g I angry you or I angry with you. Which sentence are correct?

thnx alot.
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I'm sorry, but both are incorrect. "I am angry with you" is the combination you want.

Does "angry at" work too?
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Yup, it shorely does, Pieanne!
Thank you, Ranch
"shorely"?? Which "shore", may I ask?
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ranchand was joking with pieanne, temico.

By "shorely" he meant "surely"
Well abbie, he could have meant "sorely" too!
BTW, are the posters encouraged to write in slang in this English language help forum?
he could have meant "sorely"
Good pun, temico, but I don't think it would be in context with what ranchand was saying.

There is a lot of slang on the "rap" thread, but we try to discourage it, as it is not good English and can be confusing.
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