I'm looking for animal metaphors that would present human personality
John is lion- hearted.
She is a sly fox.

If any one knows some metaphors that would refer to human personality please write them.



What is a metaphor ?
he's a sloth
a foxy lady
he works like a dog
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greedy as a pig

busy as a bee

drunk as a skunk

proud as a lion
There similies not metaphors
I'm a little skinny guy, but I'm a LION I fear no-one.
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Are those similes or metaphors because metaphors can't have like or as..
they are similes. in similes, 'as... as...' this example is a simile
Emotion: noddingEmotion: kissEmotion: thinkingA simile would be something like,
As proud as a lion
As poor as a church mouse
As drunk as a skunk
As quite as a mouse
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the cunning old fox
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